MudShare Is Ramping Up In A Big Way

Written by Kyle Claypool • July 1, 2021

MudShare was founded in 2014 as a technology provider for Municipal Utility Districts (yep – that’s where the Mud name comes from, if you’re wondering). Over the years, our technology evolved to help businesses, nonprofits, and political campaigns identify their supporters and reach them with targeted text messaging, email, surveys, and live and recorded phone calls, among other things. 

Last year, clients used our platform to send nearly 100 million peer-to-peer text messages. This year, we’re on pace to nearly triple that. 

That would be enough to make some companies complacent, but it has only motivated us to improve our tools and expand our capabilities. Our messaging platform has evolved into a suite of custom marketing technology solutions.

Introducing GeoDirect

GeoDirect is the poorly-kept secret we’ve been quietly rolling out over the last couple of years. This world-class geofencing tool allows you to build a marketing audience from real-world traffic. What really sets GeoDirect apart is our ability to take that traffic and segment it using demographic and psychographic data, then reach those people with advertising through Facebook, YouTube, display ad networks, or directly using MudShare’s messaging tools.

If that’s all too abstract for you, here’s a concrete example:

In a pilot program with Atlantic City, we identified over 1.4 million mobile devices in their entertainment district. We were able to build consumer demographic profiles for 76% of those visitors and gather mobile numbers and email addresses for over 500,000 people.

From the data we gathered, we were able to build out demographic profiles of the people actually visiting Atlantic City’s casinos – data that’s immensely valuable for planning future marketing campaigns:

Consumer demographics from a geofence

From the geofence data, we could then target key demographics (i.e. white females 45-64 with household income of $75-99k/year) and connect with those people via display advertising and peer-to-peer text message campaigns or use these actual customers to create a custom lookalike audience for Facebook advertising.

GeoDirect is an immensely powerful tool, both on its own and as a means of building your audience if you’re already using MudShare’s other tools.

Expanding Our Leadership Team

As we continue to build world-class software, we’re also adding world-class expertise to our leadership team. These career marketing and technology pros will help to shape the MudShare platform and help clients take their campaigns to new heights.

About Jeff Yowell

Jeff has seen decades of success in database marketing and analytics. He built DataCore Marketing from concept to world-class accounts including Michelin, Sprint, and DuPont before ultimately selling the company to global industry leader WPP. During that time period, Jeff was named the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year for business services in the Kansas/Western Missouri region and DataCore Marketing received the Kansas City Chamber of Commerce’s Ewing Kauffman Small Business of the Year Award. 

Jeff’s database marketing experience has been immensely valuable in the development of GeoDirect. He has a deep understanding of organizations’ challenges in running omnichannel messaging campaigns, whether to a thousand local customers or to a global audience of millions.

Find Jeff on LinkedIn

About Kyle Claypool

Kyle is a career digital strategist with deep experience helping B2B and B2C clients execute profitable marketing and advertising strategies. He sold his first agency to Global Prairie, where he developed strategies for clients including ConAgra, Bayer, and Google Fiber. Along the way, he also co-founded a craft distillery with a tasting room and event space which gave him a new appreciation for the challenges unique to the CPG and hospitality industries. He credits his holistic approach and emphasis on analytics for his success in helping clients scale campaigns with consistently strong ROI.

Kyle is thrilled to be joining MudShare as our new Director of Strategy to help clients execute new and innovative marketing strategies.

Find Kyle on LinkedIn

What Does This Mean For MudShare’s Clients?


The Same Exceptional Client Service

If you’ve worked with us in the past, you know we’ll bend over backward to give our clients the best possible service. That’s in our company’s DNA and will never change.

A Deeper Pool Of Marketing Expertise

As we expand our team, we’re adding decades of experience across hundreds of companies. MudShare has always had world-class tools for getting your message to the right people. Our growing capabilities and team will help you deliver the right message to people across more platforms, with even better targeting and stronger ROI than ever before.

New Capabilities and Features

As we serve more clients, our tools will only continue to get better. We’re building out new integrations and adding new ways to visualize audience and campaign data. We’re constantly evaluating data sources and collection methods to give our clients the best and most complete data available. 

Want To Learn More?

Get in touch! We’d love to share what we’ve been up to.

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